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Lawless Scouting Reports in Three Easy Steps with Arvorum

Lawless Scouting Reports in Three Easy Steps with Arvorum

Scouting Reports & Technology in Modern Farming


There isn’t a farmer in the world who plants a crop, closes the gate and then simply waits for harvest. The nurturing of crops between sowing and reaping requires active and regular monitoring. Management and in-field observations are key tools that, when prepared meticulously, offer exceptional value.

Such ‘scouting information’ and data gathering has been transformed by technology, with GPS, smartphones, apps and sensors in recent years enabling farmers, crop advisors, and their teams to exchange vital information, track key events, and make informed decisions.

Role of Scouting in Precision Farming

Scouting, one of the oldest field data collection methods, remains prevalent today. Farmers assess their crops’ conditions, gathering data by examining their soil, leaves, flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables. Scouting forms an integral component of precision farming, serving as a crucial data collection method in the initial stage of the precision farming cycle.

Recording observations adds true value to scouting. The ability to compare seasons, recall past successful strategies, and plan for the future can lead to sustainable and profitable farming. Scouting report templates help farmers monitor their crops’ progress in a systematic manner, ensuring everyone involved stays updated and no information gets overlooked.

Scouting Reports in the Digital Age

In the digital age, scouting reports have gone online. While some farmers use simple communication apps to send their team or crop advisors scouting reports, others prefer more specialised tools, like a dedicated scouting app or farm management system.

Arvorum has been collaborating with growers, crop advisors, and co-operatives for over five years. One of the key insights we’ve gained is that having access to all pertinent data in one place — be it soil moisture, cultivation plans, field boundaries, satellite images, scouting reports, or weather data — is essential.

Arvorum: Your Farming Data Hub

To address this need, we’ve developed the Arvorum data platform, which works on PC and our smartphone app and amalgamates all the information a farmer needs to make the best farming decisions. Data collected on the app is seamlessly synchronised to the office PC, and can be securely shared with advisors and colleagues to enable the whole farm team to be more productive.

Advantages of Arvorum Scouting Reports

  • Early Detection: Swift identification of pests, diseases or water risks allows for timely action to prevent or mitigate crop damage.
  • Better Control: Recognising patterns from previous seasons enables growers to make data-driven decisions and exercise more control.
  • Increased Yields: Addressing problems early and learning from previous seasons can optimise crop yields and increase return on investment.

How Arvorum Enhances Your Scouting Reports

Here’s how Arvorum helps you to refine your scouting reports in three simple steps:

1. Use a robust data platform to remotely explore your fields

Before physically venturing out, study your fields using a reliable data platform like Arvorum. Use our platform to download historic satellite imagery to reveal long-term inter-seasonal patterns that repeat year-after-year.

2. Include as much information as possible

Remember that your scouting report will be used by your team and crop advisor, both now and in the future. The Arvorum app lets you specify details such as the field, category, priority, assignee, description, pin or area location, attachments, photos, and the date and time of scouting.

3. Educate your team

Your entire team includes advisors and trading partners as well as direct colleagues. Use the Arvorum app to share your scouting reports and other data sources with your team. Use them to create tasks or ask for help, informed by Arvorum’s AI-driven diagnostic tools. Encourage them to capture scouting reports on the app, which accurately records location and timestamps alongside in-field commentary.

Why Choose Arvorum?

Arvorum is the ideal tool for recording your scouting reports in one place, allowing you to identify trends, spot persistent issues across multiple seasons, and track your crops’ growth patterns.

Begin your journey with us today by creating an account on Arvorum. You can download the Arvorum app from your preferred app store to stay updated with your farming operations, wherever you are.

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