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6 Ways to Boost Spring Yields through Precision Farming

6 Ways to Boost Spring Yields through Precision Farming

6 Ways to Boost Spring Yields through Precision Farming

Spring ushers in a pivotal season for agriculture, laying the foundation for the year’s precision farming endeavours. With Arvorum’s mobile app, farmers can maximise the spring growing season’s potential through our advanced UK-first precision farming technology. See all the many ways that Arvorum is your perfect digital farming solution to benefit your spring yields in 2024:

GPS Compatibility

Arvorum’s GPS compatibility with your existing machinery ensures precise planting, fertilisation and irrigation. This means our precision farming tool helps reduce overlap, saving time as well as resources like fertiliser, fuel and water.

Field Scouting

Utilise Arvorum’s field scouting capabilities to monitor crop health and soil conditions in real time. Early detection of issues allows for swift interventions, crucial for spring when establishing crop viability for a successful growing season.

Variable Rate Map Application

Variable rate technology in Arvorum optimises input application based on soil and crop needs. This feature ensures efficient use of resources for maximum profitability, whilst enhancing spring planting strategies for optimal growth.

Satellite Imagery

Three years of historic satellite imagery is an unparalleled advantage in our precision farming tool, allowing you to assess field conditions without physical scouting. Early in the season, this helps in planning and executing precision farming practices tailored to each of your field’s specific needs.

AI Disease & Pest Diagnosis

AI farming technology transforms disease and pest management. Employ AI for quick identification and treatment in the spring to prevent early spread, protecting your fledgling crops in their delicate initial growth stages.

Sensor Data

Utilise sensor data to closely monitor environmental conditions and crop health. In spring, this data is invaluable for making informed decisions on irrigation and fertilisation, crucial for seedling development over the next crucial few months.

Exclusive 12-months Free of Arvorum

Take advantage of Arvorum’s precision farming possibilities all year round! Our exclusive offer for 12 months of free access will give you its premium features in a simple fifteen-minute set-up time! Experience the full range of benefits during the critical spring season and shape your farm’s digital future.

To learn more about Arvorum, click here.

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