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How Precision Farming is Affecting Global Food Production

How Precision Farming is Affecting Global Food Production

In the coming decades, global food production is coming under increasing strain as a result of ongoing climate challenges and international tensions. Yet putting this aside, we strongly believe that it will be technology, not our climate, that will change – and is changing – the future of global food production.

Precision farming has already delivered major successes for the agriculture industry. Now with Arvorum being the first-of-its-kind AgriTech in the UK, read on to discover how all of the features and possibilities that Arvorum offers are already delivering for our international and European counterparts.

Variable Rate Technology

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) is revolutionising the way farmers manage their fields. The like that inside of Arvourm is being leveraged to allow for precise application of water, fertilisers, pesticides and seeds based on the specific needs of different field zones. This precision technology not only conserves resources but also significantly reduces environmental impact, not least through lower fuel consumption during the application process.

GPS Mapping

GPS field mapping has transformed traditional farming practices. Increasingly, precision farming technology is becoming compatible with leading agricultural machinery brands. For the UK, that means big names like John Deere, AGCO and Stara, whilst those overseas are working alongside international juggernauts like CLAAS.

Farmers can utilise the existing GPS technology (often unused) in their current machinery to ensure optimal planting patterns and input distribution, leading to increased crop yields. Precision farming technology enables farmers to navigate their fields efficiently, targeting areas that require attention with unprecedented accuracy.

Intelligent Monitoring

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with AgriTech’s broader ambitions to increase productivity and reduce resource wastage. Sensors used in precision farming can provide real-time data on soil and weather conditions, allowing farmers to make informed decisions to promote soil health, conserve water, and minimise their carbon footprint across all operations.

Remote Working

In many parts of the world, it simply isn’t possible for farmers to have any form of connectivity to the devices they may have. If they do, then it can often be unreliable or sensitive to varying weather conditions. Precision farming, however, can still be possible even without this basic functionality. Offline modes, like those in Arvorum, can keep farm operations uninterrupted in bouts of weak signal, giving farmers the ability to optimise their fields, crop health, soil conditions and more without anxiety of sudden and unexpected outages.

Unprecedented Data Potential

AgriTech and other precision farming technology can have the power to utilise an abundance of data to place at farmers’ fingertips. Arvorum, for example, takes advantage public data, satellite data, your own existing in-field & scouting data, as well as sensor data to inform decision making at every turn. With instantaneous access to such vast amounts of data, farmers have the opportunity to maximise their productivity on a scale previously unimaginable.

Closing Remarks

Many farmers may still feel that AgriTech is a long dream in a distant future. But soaring demand for precision farming technology and broader geo-environmental and politic concerns are accelerating its demand on an unprecedented scale. Arvorum is setting the UK-standard for precision farming software with capabilities covering complete farming operations to acheive efficiency, sustainability, and smarter resource management.

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