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Arvorum’s 2023: A Year of Innovative Breakthroughs in Precision Farming

Arvorum’s 2023: A Year of Innovative Breakthroughs in Precision Farming

Arvorum’s 2023: A Year of Innovative Breakthroughs in Precision Farming

2024 has arrived! But first, let’s take a moment to reflect on our incredible journey through 2023, a year marked by groundbreaking innovations and enhancements in precision farming technology bolstering the UK’s farming sector.


The year kicked off with our app’s ongoing development to bring about significant updates, including the introduction of Variable Rate Maps for more efficient application strategies across multiple fields. Simplification of the field creation process and enhancements in the weather tab streamlined user experience. And by adding ground overlays for application and input maps, we enriched data visualisation.


March saw further development with the introduction of the Plant Health Check by Plantix, an AI-driven feature for disease, pest, and nutrient deficiency recognition. The Vitality Change feature also provided insights into biomass vitality, facilitating informed decision-making for farmers.


April was marked by enhanced data management and the extension of KLM uploads, allowing for more comprehensive field data import. The detailed vitality legend and zone size information in application maps provided users with more precise farming insights.


Integration with CropX sensors enabled advancements in soil analysis, allowing for soil moisture measurements, a significant leap in managing its health. Arvorum also updated its crop list and introduced role/occupation selection during registration, personalising the user experience. Some final tweaks ensured we were ready to launch Arvorum the following month.


Arvorum goes live! Our new subscription plans launch and the availability of our app in the UK signified a major milestone in Arvorum’s growth.


Following our launch, we worked rigorously to enhance user interface and functionality enhancements based on feedback. This included improving the Spraying Conditions widget, CropX insights for disease risk, and UI refreshes.


The connection with John Deere cloud accounts and new task types like Delivery/Logistics enhanced operational efficiency. More CropX insights and the introduction of Demo Farms allowed users to gain practical knowledge and experience.


Mobile app innovations became a priority, with Arvorum providing significant updates to the SKYFLD APP, including new sorting and grouping features.


The introduction of insights in the partner panel provided valuable statistics and activity insights, reinforcing Arvorum’s commitment to its partners and their empowerment through us.

Celebrating a Year of Success

2023 was a year of exceptional growth and innovation for Arvorum and precision farming technology, setting a high bar for 2024. With each technological advancement and feature enhancement, Arvorum has not only empowered UK farmers with sophisticated tools but also paved the way for a more sustainable and efficient agricultural future. As we look forward to the possibilities of the new year, we celebrate the milestones achieved and anticipate the continued evolution of precision farming with Arvorum.

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